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It's just two young people growing in affection and trust. Across the dance floor, Harvey and Roz Jaz Sinclair move forward with their budding relationship, later sealing it with a kiss. Sabrina and Roz are not only the mature partner in their respective relationships, but they share a love and respect for each other. The actress also talks more about how Zelda's changed with the addition of the baby, as well as her own holiday plans. If anything, it's the perpetually perplexed Harvey who is portrayed as the most immature here.

His response to Sabrina is snappy and laden with barely contained bitterness.

But Harvey is obviously still hurting, and that is somewhat understandable; the guy has been blindsided by so much supernatural weirdness over the past year. The romantic escapades of the rest of the Spellman family range from the heartbreakingly sweet to the deceptively complex. While Ambrose is merely fulfilling his base sexual desires in his dalliance with Prudence Tati Gabrielle , Hilda is looking for love.

The unassuming potion-expert doesn't understand why the kindly Dr. Cerberus Alessandro Juliani is suddenly rejecting her advances.

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After taking Zelda's advice to become a "Huntress," and donning her best leopard-print dress, Hilda confronts Dr. Cee for the truth. It turns out he's a "sex demon," which is not a flattering term for his sexual prowess Zelda has an entirely different purpose when it comes to her relationship with Father Blackwood Richard Coyle. Initially, her intentions are unclear, especially when she's telling her niece to succumb to the sordid rituals of Lupercalia. But Zelda is not trying to pressure Sabrina or Hilda; she is encouraging them to take control, just like she has done with Father Blackwood.

Aunt Zee does not turn weak at the knees when the High Priest proposes marriage, as she tells Hilda, she doesn't love Faustus, it is all about gaining power and restoring glory to the Spellman name. There is a similar power dynamic in the relationship between Ms. Madame Satan is lamenting the fact she's stuck in the body of a lonely spinster, only to find out she has a surprise fiance who has been out of the country performing charity work.

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While her immediate reaction is to stick a spike through his skull, she begins to appreciate the exotic gifts and soothing foot-rubs. After losing her wager to the Dark Lord, I'm glad that Ms.

Wardwell has a new play-thing firmly under her spell. The only character short-changed in the romance department is Theo Lachlan Watson , but he does get the stand-out scene of the episode when he comes out as trans to his father. It's a powerful moment as Theo summons the courage to tell his dad that he's never felt like a girl. He talks of the comfort he feels in boys' clothes. The tingle he gets when someone refers to him as "he" or "young fella. He doesn't offer a hug or an "I love you" but nor does he lash out or dismiss his child's feelings.

Instead, he shows his acceptance by taking Theo for a haircut. Oh, I almost forgot, this episode also features a goofy CGI werewolf called Amalia, Nick's overly possessive familiar. Fifty Shades of Grey. Game Of Thrones.

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Billy Bob Sheldon is an old and grouchy lawyer from Houston, Texas. Billy Bob is famous in Texas for defending innocent clients that are wrongly accused by the. He has defended cases ranging from shoplifting to First Degree Murder to RICO to Tax Evasion, and has gone to jury trial on the same Endangered: A Novel.

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