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Mission are was pretty rough looking like you said. We could have stayed for a month. What rock or bar were you sleeping under? SF has tons of beautiful fit smart women. Celtics who? You sound like a peach to be around.

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I disagree with you wholeheartedly on the matter of sports. This is a city of US-Immigrants, meaning that, more than a lot of other cities, people come from every corner of the country and world.

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So, sports opinions are varied at best, and potentially the most bandwagon of all. You gotta be kidding me. I think you should try living in Pittsburgh, Chicago, Detroit, Boston or Philly, and then tell me that, comparatively, sports matter here. While I agree with about half, the other half seems inconsistent with my experience here for the past year and a half. In fact is absolutely perfect.

There are a lot more crazy homeless people here, but there are almost no beggars.

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If you love eating pizza, you are going to love making pizza "You Will Learn How to Have Family Fun*, Save Tons of Money, and Make Pizza" Learn easy step. Editorial Reviews. About the Author. Albert Grande believes in the principles outlined in this The Pizza Therapy Pizza Book: Unlock the Secret of Making Simple, Easy Pizza - Kindle edition by Albert Grande. Download it once and read it on.

In fact, I used to drink beer exclusively as my alcoholic beverage of choice until I moved here. Everywhere I know here drinks whiskey mainly or other hard alcohol.


Ive also only seen people drink PBR a handful of times. My friend had a similar experience and was the hardest thing for them to find. We ended up leaving our pet in Portland with family because we were unable to find a place that allowed them. Being that I was born and raised in the East Bay this post was really interesting to me.

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The cold thing has always been funny to me. People never believe you and they always compare it to their snow and what not. The need for layers every single time is no joke. It still is in some parts of the city. Cheap beer at night clubs was Miller. You people are out of your mind saying there are no attractive women here. What insane standards have you set for yourselves. Annoying crackheads? Not quite.

click here The sports thing is misleading too. Local indigenous people love the local teams as much as Bostonians do. The fan base of course stretches all the way down the peninsula too. I agree that Fernet and Jameson are huge here, although I personally like scotch. How about just avoid MUNI and bikes altogether.

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MUNI is slow and unreliable. Bikes suck on all the hills. Have some empathy and keep it on the up and up — homeless or addicted people are still human, and they certainly are not miserable by choice. Leaving this bit out would make for a stronger post. I agree.

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I find his comments about the homeless to be totally dismissive and offensive. Pull your head out of your ass. Uh, Aidn? I see people smoking it in broad daylight in the Tenderloin, particularly at bus stops. Crack never went away. Good grief! I agree with you. Seriously, there are geniune people who have had misfortune in their lives and then there are people who are druggies, alcoholics, or just plain crazy. I want beer.

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Having moved here a little over a year ago, I mainly agree with most of what has been written on this blog. However, I agree with many of the comments about PBR. I too came from Boston which has a couple microbreweries I love. In and around the city you can find quality brews like 21st Amendment, speakeasy, lagunitas from up North, Racer 5, and Rogue—which is actually from Oregon but has a fantastic bar in North Beach! This city is strewn with great bars and brews! Very spot on with many things, but totally misleading about the sports thing.

Sports is HUGE here.

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There are many sports teams and fans. And people are WAY passionate. Remember the Giants World Series parade? Buildings being lit orange through the playoffs?

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They want to know where you went to highschool in SF. Sixth generation represent! SF is actually not that large. Every district is about minutes walking distance from the next. Even older people have more stamina up those inclines then the youngsters. You meet the crazy as you note, but you meet some very heart warming people.

There is always someone drunk walking around. I lived in the City from Real SFs walk up all those hills, only pausing to light a cigarette halfway up. Even at 4 pm! C We have a GREAT music scene out here…lots of talented, local musicians and you can pretty much catch some live music any night of the week.

E You can travel from Mexico to China to Italy with just a 45 minute walk.