The Inconceivable - My Experiences in World War II

The life of an Auschwitz guard
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After the liberation of Nazi concentration camps, Pvt. Hilliard was shocked to see that American and other Allied soldiers were continuing to keep Jews prisoners, in some cases acting with extreme levels of brutality and cruelty that echoed the Nazis. In a memoir, Hilliard wrote about how he and another young Jewish private, Ed Herman, stood up for what was right. They were stationed near a makeshift hospital being run in a monastery near Munich, which housed both Jewish and Nazi patients. Despite their dire condition, the hospital staff ignored the Jews, lavishing attention on Nazi soldiers instead.

The author in uniform at Kaufbeuren Air Base, June, After donating supplies to the Jewish survivors and encouraging other soldiers to do the same, Hilliard and Herman decided to implement a radical plan. They penned an impassioned letter describing the neglect Jewish survivors were receiving. Their letter spurred scores of people to send emergency food and medicine to the survivors — and Hilliard believes that a copy reached President Truman who ordered sweeping changes vastly improving the way American troops treated Jewish survivors.

At the age of 94, Robert Hilliard is continuing to speak out, educating people about what he saw in the aftermath of the Holocaust and urging them to follow his example of standing up for what is right. He spoke with Aish. It seemed profoundly wrong to him that people who were secure and comfortable could ignore their fellow humans when they were in such distress. It was this inner determination that gave him, along with Ed Herman, the strength to persevere in , doing all they could to help their fellow Jews and to educate others about their plight.

He lost touch with Ed Herman for a time, who had stayed in Europe after the war and worked to help smuggle Jews into the land of Israel, and later lived in New York. After he retired, however, Hilliard once again started speaking out about his experiences following the war. He started working on his memoirs and got in touch with Herman to make sure he accurately remembered the activities he was writing about.

As both men moved into retirement, they decided to make this next phase of their lives one of education and activism. Since Ed Herman passed away in , Hilliard has felt a renewed sense of urgency. I tell young children you have to take a stand if you see anything that smacks of racism or bigotry.

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We stuck our necks out and thank God we were successful. Do what you can to make the world a little better, a little sweeter. Thank you for the reporting of the treatment of Jewish people after the rescue. Thank you for your words that touched my soul.

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It feels as though we are fighting upstream, but your continued message is necessary -- critical, to remind us of our Humanity. Sure, we can find it here and there, and there are people with a conscience.

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But in the super market world what is "normal" is not "moral", and what is "moral" is not ""normal". A friend asked me "How do you like the world you live in today, 75 years after the Holocaust? The story of Mr. Hilliard and his friend show that the Jews were also mistreated after they had been "liberated".

Even General Patton voiced his contempt for the people still held in the camps for "Displaced Persons". In Holland, where I had been hiding, Dutch people who had "saved" possessions for their Jewish neighbors moaned 'why did my Jews have to come back?

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The United Nations protocol for "Universal Human Rights", which should have been the foundation for the postwar world got lost in the cold war power struggle. Unless we address war, poverty and antisemitism, we will not see the light of day. Sadly, "Jedem das Seine" still prevails. Imaging if we all took real notice of what is around us and then responded?!?! G-d bless you for what you did and for what you are continuing to do!

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After all the evil that was perpetrated in WW II, it seems inconceivable that those very perpetrators would be coddled at the expense of the victims! But you, Mr. Hilliard, along with your friend Mr. Berman z"l, were not fazed by the enormity of this ironic cruelty! With true heroism, you accomplished so much! Your deeds are analogous to those of Raoul Wallenberg and Japanese diplomat Sugihara: They saved thousands during the war, and when so many still needed saving after the war was over, you and your friend did all you could to do so.

It is particularly regrettable that a punitive policy was adopted in framing the terms of peace because a few years hence it will be possible for nations to fight without armies, ships or guns, by weapons far more terrible, to the destructive action and range of which there is virtually no limit.

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Any city at any distance whatsoever from the enemy can be destroyed by him and no power on earth can stop him from doing so. If we want to avert an impending calamity and a state of things which may transform this globe into an inferno, we should push the development of flying machines and wireless transmission of energy without an instant's delay and with all the power and resources of the nation.

Tesla saw preventative possibilities in his new invention which embodied "death ray" characteristics and which was made several years after the foregoing statement was written. He saw it providing a curtain of protection which any country, no matter how small, could use as a protection against invasion.


It looks like a perfect sphere, brightly incandescent and floats like a bubble, being easily carried by air currents. Weitz , Unless we address war, poverty and antisemitism, we will not see the light of day. However, the approach through the concept of gender, which rejects purely natural criteria for differentiating between the sexes and poses questions about all forms of sexual hierarchy, produces a more complex picture. Oxford: Oxford University Press. Throughout the nation, , Italians who were not yet citizens of America were required to register as enemy aliens, and their liberties were often severely restricted.

While he might offer it as a defensive weapon, however, there would be nothing to stop military men from using it as a weapon of offense. While I did not know the nature of Tesla's plan I was convinced that it did embody many discoveries that would be of commercial value, and these were the angles he should seek to develop. I felt that if he could be induced to develop some minor phase of his work that would have immediate commercial use he could derive an income from it which would enable him to proceed with his more elaborate plans. To this end I sought to gain some insight into his thoughts, that would enable me to get a practical plan into operation.

This was no secret to Tesla and he successfully parried every thrust I made. The clearest conception I got, and that was largely from scattered remarks, and by making deductions from them, concerned a possible manner in which one phase of his curtain of protection might operate.


This was a "war" angle and as such it did not interest me, but since it involved "lightning balls," or "fireballs," I was very curious. Fireballs had always fascinated me, and I had read everything I could lay my hands on about them. A fireball is a strange phenomenon associated with lightning. Some of the energy of the lightning stroke appears to become locked into a ball shaped structure which may be of any size from a couple of inches to a foot in diameter. It looks like a perfect sphere, brightly incandescent and floats like a bubble, being easily carried by air currents.

They may last for a short time, from a fraction of a second to many seconds. In this interval, during which they stay fairly close to the ground, they may come close to many objects without damaging them or being damaged by them. Suddenly, for no known reason, the ball explodes doing as much damage as a bomb, if close to structures, and no damage if in the open. The fireball looked to me like a gigantically enlarged model of the tiny electron, one of the building blocks of matter, which acts as if it were just a spherical area of space in which an amount of energy was crystallized to give it structure.

My Experience Being a Jewish POW in World War II

I felt that if it were possible to discover how a large amount of energy was stored in this fairy bubble structure of a fireball a new insight might be gained into the structure of the electron and other fundamental particles of matter. Also this method of storing energy could be applied to a thousand useful purposes. When I approached Tesla with pleas along this line to develop this possible phase of his discovery he would evade direct reply by indulging in a, not always, tolerant lecture on my gullibility in believing theories about the complex structure of the atom.

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While he had in earlier years discussed some of his experiences with fireballs in his laboratory at Colorado Springs and explained his theory of their formation, he would not in later years permit himself to be drawn into a discussion of them as a possible part of his system. This, of course, made me suspicious that the clue was "hot" but I could be completely wrong in my conclusions. Tesla was very quick in detecting my technique when I sought to narrow the field down by trying to get him to deny statements when he was adamant to direct questions.

Tesla became familiar with the destructive characteristics of fireballs in his experiments at Colorado Springs in He produced them quite by accident and saw them, more than once, explode and shatter his tall mast and also destroy apparatus within his laboratory. The destructive action accompanying the disintegration of a fireball, he declared, takes place with inconceivable violence.

He studied the process by which they were produced, not because he wanted to produce them but in order to eliminate the conditions in which they were created. It is not pleasant, he related, to have fireballs explode in your vicinity for they will destroy anything they come in contact with.


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It will be necessary to reconstruct his statements from very fragmentary notes and a long distance memory. Parasitic oscillations, or circuits, within the main circuit were a source of danger from this cause.