The Holocene: An Environmental History

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Quantitative analysis of freshwater ostracode assemblages in southwestern Yukon Territory, Canada. Postglacial climates inferred from a lake at treeline, southwest Yukon Territory, Canada. Cwynar LC.

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Late Quaternary vegetation history from Hanging Lake, northern Yukon. Late Quaternary vegetation history of Kettlehole Pond, southwestern Yukon. Arctic steppe-tundra: a Yukon perspective.

Reversion of forest to tundra in the central Yukon. Paleovegetation and paleoclimatic changes in the Yukon at 6ka BP. Dean WE Jr. Carbonate minerals and organic matter in sediments of modern North Temperate hard-water lakes. The carbon cycle and biogeochemical dynamics in lake sediments.

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Palaeoecological perspectives on Holocene environmental change in Scotland

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The lateglacial and postglacial vegetation history of the northwestern limits of Beringia, based on pollen, stomate, and tree stump evidence. Understanding the environmental changes - both natural and anthropogenic - that have occurred during the Holocene is of crucial importance if we are to achieve a sustainable environmental future. Revised and updated to take full account of the most recent advances, the third edition of this classic text includes substantial material on the scientific methods that are used to reconstruct and date past environments, as well as new concepts such as the Anthropocene.

The book is fully-illustrated, global in coverage, and contains case studies, a glossary and more than new references. His main research interests are in Holocene environmental change, especially lake sediment records of climate and human impact in Mediterranean regions. The Holocene : An Environmental History.

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Neil Roberts. ReconstructingHolocene environments. The Pleistoceneprelude Cal yrbp.