The Bat and the Cat : An Examination of Batman’s Repressed Sexuality

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Your mind will split open like a flowering. Bruce Wayne has long served as a strong sexual outlet for both personas. Armoured Saint is a different story. His sexuality is expressed solely through the costumed adventures his alter ego had neither the time nor the inclination for.

Why would anyone choose not to eliminate a mass murderer for good?

Seemingly an entire territory of high-rises, Simon, glum and completely unsure of his next step, has stripped himself of his own context within the city and is crisply dawn by Kowlaski in his designer suits struggling to find his new outlet amongst all the rigid towers surrounding him. The characters themselves are wonderfully brought to life by Kowalski, whose grounded art features slender, long-limbed characters coated with a slick porn sheen, groomed and proportioned like youthful adult film stars.

Characters screw as though frozen in time, clinical and posed, voyeuristically photo-snapped, the acts unappealing in their sculptured porniness. I suspect this is likely the point. All the characters, heroes and villains alike, are attempting to move on in a seemingly post-superhero world, each with their own kinks and proclivities and each with their own plans. Different readings of the book seem bottomless — the end of heroes in the current rise of Indie SF. Three collected editions are currently out, and the world-building and ever-expanding plotlines consistently surprise.

Harley Quinn and Nightwing Have Sex

To put it bluntly, Sex is good. Really good.

Unlimited Poontang: Sex, Ego and “Batman Returns” (1992)

Go have some. My dog is on my lap. It is very difficult to type like this…. If I have my dates right, this coming weekend should be Oz Comic Con Melbourne , and if you click that link and scroll down past the actors and voice actors and cosplay guests, you will find real life actual comics people attending a comics convention.

Astounding, I know.

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As there will likely be no pop culture figure as prominent this year as Furiosa you should go say hi and congratulate him on this massive achievement. Written by Geoff Berner and illustrated and published by Tin Can Forest Canadians Pat Shewchuk and Marek Colek …Musicians is a beautiful retelling of the Grimm Brothers folktale, The Town Musicians of Bremen, in which an ageing donkey, dog, cat and rooster flee murder at the hands of their respective owners and, on a whim and with no prior experience, head to Bremen with the goal of becoming professional musicians.

Let's start from the brain. The idea that neurons with similar properties cluster together is theoretically appealing, because it minimizes costs associated with transmission of information. This idea is also supported by empirical evidence it does not always happen that a theoretically appealing idea is supported by empirical data, sadly.

Indeed, more than a century of a variety of brain mapping techniques demonstrated the existence of 'visual cortex' here we find neurons that respond to visual stimuli , 'auditory cortex' here we find neurons that respond to sounds , 'somatosensory cortex' here we find neurons that respond to touch , and so forth. When we zoom in and look in detail at each type of cortex, we also find that the 'like attracts like' principle works well. The brain forms topographic maps. For instance, let's look at the 'motor cortex' here we find neurons that send signals to our muscles so that we can move our body, walk, grasp things, move the eyes and explore the space surrounding us, speak, and obviously type on a keyboard, as I am doing now.

In the motor cortex there is a map of the body, with neurons sending signals to hand muscles clustering together and being separate from neurons sending signals to feet or face muscles. So far, so good. In the motor cortex, however, we also find multiple maps for the same body part for instance, the hand. Furthermore, these multiple maps are not adjacent. What is going here?

It turns out that body parts are only one of the variables that are mapped by the motor cortex. Other important variables are, for instance, different types of coordinated actions and the space sector in which the action ends.

The coordinated actions that are mapped by the motor cortex belong to a number of categories, most notably defensive actions that is, actions to defend one's own body hand to mouth actions important to eat and drink! The problem here is that there are multiple dimensions that are mapped onto a two-dimensional entity we can flatten the cerebral cortex and visualize it as a surface area. This problem needs to be solved with a process of dimensionality reduction. Computational studies have shown that algorithms that do dimensionality reduction while optimizing the similarity of neighboring points our 'like attracts like' principle produce maps that reproduce well the complex, somewhat fractured maps described by empirical studies of the motor cortex.

Thus, the principle of 'like attracts like' seems working well even when multiple dimensions must be mapped onto a two-dimensional entity our cerebral cortex. Let's move to human behavior. Imitation in humans is widespread and often automatic.

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It is important for learning and transmission of culture. We tend to align our movements and even words! However, we don't imitate other people in an equal way. Perhaps not surprisingly, we tend to imitate more people that are like us. Soon after birth, infants prefer faces of their own race and respond more receptively to strangers of their own race. Adults make education and even career choices that are influenced by models of their own race.

This is a phenomenon called self similarity bias. Since imitation increases liking, the self similarity bias most likely influences our social preferences too. We tend to imitate others that are like us, and by doing that, we tend to like those people even more. From neurons to people, the very simple principle of 'like attracts like' has a remarkable explanatory power.

This is what an elegant scientific explanation is supposed to do. To explain a lot in a simple way. A fascinating parallel has occurred in the history of the traditionally separate disciplines of evolutionary biology and psychology. Biologists historically viewed reproduction as an inherently cooperative venture.

A male and female would couple for the shared goal of reproduction of mutual offspring. In psychology, romantic harmony was presumed to be the normal state. Major conflicts within romantic couples were and still are typically seen as signs of dysfunction. A radical reformulation embodied by sexual conflict theory changes these views. Sexual conflict occurs whenever the reproductive interests of an individual male and individual female diverge, or more precisely when the "interests" of genes inhabiting individual male and female interactants diverge.

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Francisco eventually moves several members of his former construction team into the abandoned house, along with their families, in an effort to lay a more legitimate claim to its ownership. In some sense it is analogous to evolution. Quantum fluctuations of space-time in this regime are so large that all rulers are rapidly bending and shrinking in an unpredictable way. We need only accept that all conceivable universes are equally likely, a principle of least information. A creditable early lead vocal on the Chuck Berry classic by George Harrison, who loved the song. What Culture.

Sexual conflict theory defines the many circumstances in which discord is predictable and entirely expected. Consider deception on the mating market. If a man is pursuing a short-term mating strategy and the woman for whom he has sexual interest is pursuing a long-term mating strategy, conflict between these interactants is virtually inevitable. Men are known to feign long-term commitment, interest, or emotional involvement for the goal of casual sex, interfering with women's long-term mating strategy.

Men's have evolved sophisticated strategies of sexual exploitation.

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Once coupled in a long-term romantic union, a man and a woman often still diverge in their evolutionary interests. A sexual infidelity by the woman might benefit her by securing superior genes for her progeny, an event that comes with catastrophic costs to her hapless partner who unknowingly devotes resources to a rival's child. From a woman's perspective, a man's infidelity risks the diversion of precious resources to rival women and their children. It poses the danger of losing the man's commitment entirely. Sexual infidelity, emotional infidelity, and resource infidelity are such common sources of sexual conflict that theorists have coined distinct phrases for each.

But all is not lost. As evolutionist Helena Cronin has eloquently noted, sexual conflict arises in the context of sexual cooperation. The evolutionary conditions for sexual cooperation are well-specified: When relationships are entirely monogamous; when there is zero probability of infidelity or defection; when the couple produces offspring together, the shared vehicles of their genetic cargo; and when joint resources cannot be differentially channeled, such as to one set of in-laws versus another.

These conditions are sometimes met, leading to great love and harmony between a man and a woman. The prevalence of deception, sexual coercion, stalking, intimate partner violence, murder, and the many forms of infidelity reveal that conflict between the sexes is ubiquitous.


Sexual conflict theory, a logical consequence of modern evolutionary genetics, provides the most beautiful theoretical explanation for these darker sides of human sexual interaction. Research in fundamental particle physics has culminated in our current Standard Model of elementary particles. Using ever larger machines, we have been able to identify and determine the properties of a whole zoo of elementary particles. These properties present many interesting patterns.

All the matter we see around us is composed of electrons and up and down quarks, interacting differently with photons of electromagnetism, W and Z bosons of the weak force, gluons of the strong force, and gravity, according to their different values and kinds of charges. Additionally, an interaction between a W and an electron produces an electron neutrino, and these neutrinos are now known to permeate space—flying through us in great quantities, interacting only weakly.

A neutrino passing through the earth probably wouldn't even notice it was there. Together, the electron, electron neutrino, and up and down quarks constitute what is called the first generation of fermions. Using high energy particle colliders, physicists have been able to see even more particles. It turns out the first generation fermions have second and third generation partners, with identical charges to the first but larger masses.

And nobody knows why.