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Traduction de John Doherty. Her views on literature indeed derive from her unique position both as an author and as an editor. Theodor Herzl is nothing of a philo-semite, for it is in the anti-semitic torments of his century that he envisioned the obviousness of Israel. This text invites an anthropological understanding of transmission and its current potential for networking technology. How do we position ourselves when faced with the imagery of horror? The play apperars in fact as the model on which Gadamer relies to make understand the content of truth of the art.

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watch The metamorphosis of the female body is intimately linked to the issue of identity, so pregnant in the feminin Moroccan literature. In the Japanese female narrative, the metamorphosis of the female body is also a language, but a language that says something else. It is a mean, notably, to ponder over new questions about life, pleasure, friendship, etc. This text invites an anthropological understanding of transmission and its current potential for networking technology. Anchored in experiences relating to common and resistance writing, this text recursively addresses its hypothesis, as an action-research, that is to say an emancipation of the written via an undoing and an appropriation of writing tool environments technical, economic, legal , in order to counter their limitations.

Analyse avec fin, analyse sans fin….

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It is part of a cooperative and reflective conception of democracy which simultaneously integrates all individuals into a self-governing community and an intelligent approach to solving political problems Honneth and Farrell, Drawing from an overview of the writings of John Dewey and Jane Addams, this essay aims to detail and analyze the main challenges and obstacles to achieving self-government.

Of primary focus are political contingencies, the concrete valuation and the constant re-actualization of this ideal according to an experimental and reflective approach, the exclusion of democracy from economic activities and the industrial world, the lack of lifelong learning opportunities, and the different forms of domination and paternalism in social relations.

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But while the cinema is conceived as a hallucinatory dispositive, perceptual disturbances are described in medical and psychological literature as a projection of images on a mental screen. Around , picture shows become not only an epistemological model in the theories of hallucination, but also—more broadly—in the conceptualization of perception and subjectivity that is closely related to technological and social modernity. A polymorphous work, Y penser sans cesse brings about an "intermedial haunting", as the work simultaneously uncovers and conceals its themes, bodies, places and even authors as a result of the complex, fleeting and above all ghostly relationships between poetry, voice, photography and film.

On a wider and fourth level, it becomes a device. Starting with the theoretical moment, I underscore the notions of improvisation and experimentation in contemporary immersive art practices. The second half of the argument considers images taken from a video-haiku to reflect in aural and visual ways the theoretical issues raised in the first section, namely the feeling of mobility as a manner of experiencing reality, straightforward use of movement and kinesthetic senses in contemporary art practice, excluding its allegorical illustration or representation.

The hypothesis that will be developed is that such differences can be explained by the political cultures of each country. National identities are based on socially constructed narratives whose contents somehow determine immigration policies basic contents. But a closer examination of Swedish and French immigration policies shows that they are not purely multicultural or assimilationnist. Some adaptations have been made in practice, and the two models tend to become closer. George Blecher is a journalist and writer for many publications in the US and Europe, and a frequent contributor to Eurozine.

Nous en proposons ici la retranscription.

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The use of painting as an archive, on the first hand, and the outline of an archeology of painting, on the other hand, can highlight a tension between teachings of archeology of speeches and reflections inspired by painting. The symptom of this tension consists in the different meanings — archeological or pictural — of the notion of representation. We would then hold the necessary preliminary to a possible reconstruction of the book, unfortunately lost, that Foucault devoted to the work of Manet, Le noir et la couleur.

Ali Abdolrezaei

James Bond is an independent financial advisor specializing in emerging economies. In this article, we situate Germany at zero hour in material, demographic, economic, commercial, political, social and cultural terms. Zero hour in Germany inaugurates a period of the division of the world into two utilitarian blocks, of which one aspect is a post-national spirit, originating in Germany. Maps help us see differently a set of information about television reception and are also elements that contribute in complexifying the notion of space.

In this article, I will analyze the place of digital mapping within a study of Twin Peaks, conceived as a cultural phenomenon. My multidisciplinary study aims at finding concrete solutions that would outreach stereotypes as well as reconcile the motivations and constraints of the various economic actors, creators, audience, Internet users and national entities.

On the one hand, litterary or media works stress a contemporary mythology that surges from conspiration figures in recovering them under fiction. On the other hand, conspiration theories and alternate beliefs proliferate in the same digital environment, taking advantage of its affordances. Both configurations carry an imaginary who can transform our perception of reality and induce concrete effects in collective space. Can their coexistence in the same media environment call in question the truth values and our capacity to distinguish between true and false?

What are the mecanisms that create fiction and beliefs? How the social imaginary located at the boundaries of fiction can modify our perception of reality and our way to build the contemporary world? These are the questions this paper examines. It is the day to day language of about 7 million people today, and it is the center of a very ancient and huge literature which first texts dated from the XIth century.

An official language of Catalonia since , Catalan has been forbidden by General Franco in and remained privately or secretly spoken until the democratic transition in Spain, when it came back to official use. For the last few years, the Catalan language has become the center of the Catalan nationalism, which could lead Catalonia to independence. Language, law and politics are tightly connected in this matter, even if the link between them is not easy to understand precisely.

It raises doubts about the materiality of the image, and the reality of the bodies that are present in front of and within it. It is trapped by what it questions, metamorphosing as its introspection proceeds. The text runs through different variations in layout and typography, from a conventional format to pure graphics.

Between matter and representation, object and subject, the text becomes image — material in motion. Though now obsolete in English, it is still used in French, "e in the o" being its usual designation. Traduction de John Doherty. Criticism has been developed in that way upon not well known authors, like Violette Leduc, or famous ones, like Marguerite Duras. Based upon recent literary criticism, including gender criticism, we must extend women creation to all fields such as movie making.

The point is to analyse the various processes of making films throughout the impressive carrier of Varda, including those appearing in her last exhibitions. Her views on literature indeed derive from her unique position both as an author and as an editor. A large portion of the texts published in Lettera Internazionale are not originally written in Italian and thus need to be translated into our language.

Do we conceive of it with relevance when we understand it as the soon outdated resurgence of barbarism in the process of civilization? Moreover, they have the particularity of proceeding from ideological-political productions aiming to define and legitimate an existing or a claimed state. And yet how to avoid defining, assigning, identifying, categorizing?