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They looked at Dorothy and her strangely assorted company with wondering eyes, and the children all ran away and hid behind their mothers when they saw the Lion; but no one spoke to them. Many shops stood in the street, and Dorothy saw that everything in them was green. Green candy and green pop corn were offered for sale, as well as green shoes, green hats, and green clothes of all sorts. At one place a man was selling green lemonade, and when the children bought it Dorothy could see that they paid for it with green pennies.

There seemed to be no horses nor animals of any kind; the men carried things around in little green carts, which they pushed before them. Everyone seemed happy and contented and prosperous. The Guardian of the Gates led them through the streets until they came to a big building, exactly in the middle of the City, which was the Palace of Oz, the Great Wizard.

There was a soldier before the door, dressed in a green uniform and wearing a long green beard. So they passed through the Palace Gates and were led into a big room with a green carpet and lovely green furniture set with emeralds. The soldier made them all wipe their feet upon a green mat before entering this room, and when they were seated he said politely:.

They had to wait a long time before the soldier returned. When, at last, he came back, Dorothy asked:. But I spoke to him as he sat behind his screen and gave him your message. He said he will grant you an audience, if you so desire; but each one of you must enter his presence alone, and he will admit but one each day.

Therefore, as you must remain in the Palace for several days, I will have you shown to rooms where you may rest in comfort after your journey. The soldier now blew upon a green whistle, and at once a young girl, dressed in a pretty green silk gown, entered the room. So Dorothy said good-bye to all her friends except Toto, and taking the dog in her arms followed the green girl through seven passages and up three flights of stairs until they came to a room at the front of the Palace. It was the sweetest little room in the world, with a soft comfortable bed that had sheets of green silk and a green velvet counterpane.

There was a tiny fountain in the middle of the room, that shot a spray of green perfume into the air, to fall back into a beautifully carved green marble basin. Beautiful green flowers stood in the windows, and there was a shelf with a row of little green books. When Dorothy had time to open these books she found them full of queer green pictures that made her laugh, they were so funny.

In a wardrobe were many green dresses, made of silk and satin and velvet; and all of them fitted Dorothy exactly. Oz will send for you tomorrow morning. She left Dorothy alone and went back to the others. These she also led to rooms, and each one of them found himself lodged in a very pleasant part of the Palace. Of course this politeness was wasted on the Scarecrow; for when he found himself alone in his room he stood stupidly in one spot, just within the doorway, to wait till morning.

It would not rest him to lie down, and he could not close his eyes; so he remained all night staring at a little spider which was weaving its web in a corner of the room, just as if it were not one of the most wonderful rooms in the world. The Tin Woodman lay down on his bed from force of habit, for he remembered when he was made of flesh; but not being able to sleep, he passed the night moving his joints up and down to make sure they kept in good working order.

The Lion would have preferred a bed of dried leaves in the forest, and did not like being shut up in a room; but he had too much sense to let this worry him, so he sprang upon the bed and rolled himself up like a cat and purred himself asleep in a minute. The next morning, after breakfast, the green maiden came to fetch Dorothy, and she dressed her in one of the prettiest gowns, made of green brocaded satin.

First they came to a great hall in which were many ladies and gentlemen of the court, all dressed in rich costumes. These people had nothing to do but talk to each other, but they always came to wait outside the Throne Room every morning, although they were never permitted to see Oz.

The Wonderful Wizard of Oz

As Dorothy entered they looked at her curiously, and one of them whispered:. Indeed, at first he was angry and said I should send you back where you came from. Then he asked me what you looked like, and when I mentioned your silver shoes he was very much interested.

At last I told him about the mark upon your forehead, and he decided he would admit you to his presence.

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You must go into the Throne Room alone. She opened a little door and Dorothy walked boldly through and found herself in a wonderful place. It was a big, round room with a high arched roof, and the walls and ceiling and floor were covered with large emeralds set closely together. American Film Institute. Box Office Mojo.

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I suppose she is still living with the old woman, waiting for me to come after her. Then Dorothy lost heart. Continue reading Show less. Then again, I'm a sucker for the meta-satirical style of the Muppets. After more failed attempts to establish himself financially, Baum, encouraged by his mother-in-law, started to write down the nursery rhymes he had improvised and told to his sons over the years.

Retrieved April 24, Library of Congress. The Making of The Wizard of Oz. See the Chapter "Special Effects. The Witness. World of Entertainment. City: Avon Books Mm.

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  • The Wonderful Wizard of Oz Reader’s Guide.

Keynote address. John Canemaker. Aljean Harmetz". Film Quarterly. Jack Haley Jr Productions.

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Retrieved September 1, Margaret Hamilton's copper-based makeup as the Wicked Witch was poisonous, so she lived on a liquid diet during the film, and the makeup was carefully cleaned off her each day. New York City: Gallery Books.

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Twenty-First Century Books. June 1, Hal Leonard Corporation. Chicago Review Press. The Wizardry of Oz. Retrieved August 23, The Wizard of Oz. A Movie Timeline". Archived from the original on November 14, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. Retrieved October 21, Fricke said he believes the first showings were on the 11th, one day before Oconomowoc's preview, on Cape Cod in Dennis, Massachusetts, and in another southeastern Wisconsin community, Kenosha. Oconomowoc's Strand Theatre was one of three small-town movie theaters across the country where "Oz" premiered in the days prior to its official Hollywood opening on Aug.

It's possible that one of the other two test sites — Kenosha and the Cape Cinema in Dennis, Massachusetts — screened the film a day earlier, but Oconomowoc is the only one to lay claim and embrace the world premiere as its own.

Wisconsin State Journal. August 12, The Hollywood Reporter. Ballantine Books. Last telecast: November 3, The last telecast of Ford Star Jubilee , however, was really something special. It was the first airing of what later became a television tradition — Garland's classic film The Wizard of Oz , with Judy's year-old daughter Liza Minnelli and Lahr the Cowardly Lion from the film on hand to introduce it.

August 16, Retrieved September 22, Harrison's Reports. New York: Harrison's Reports, Inc. Film Daily : 6.

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August 10, The New Yorker. With munchkins, monkeys, witches, and a farm girl wearing ruby red slippers, audience members can capture the excitement of an era gone by, Hammond said. Based on Samuel Beckett's existential classic, "Waiting for Godot" begins with two men on a barren road by a leafless tree.

Vladimir and Estragon, characterized as "tramps," contemplate hopelessness and what to do with themselves as they wait for assistance from Godot. Hammond explained the Discovery Series offers a completely different feel compared to the MainStage production. It gives audiences a choice. The Discovery Series is an alternate and often more experimental stage featuring smaller-scale professional productions and contemporary scripts.

The free performances are general admission seating on a first-come-first-served basis. Vouchers are handed out at p. For more information or to purchase tickets, visit the GTA website. If you require the content on this web page in another format, please contact the ADA Coordinator. Who does not feel that he or she could use at least one of the things that Dorothy's friends want?

The adaptation from the original story is done quite well, making fine choices for the characters and episodes that would work on film. The settings and visual effects may not impress the devotees of today's computer imagery, but in their time they certainly demonstrated a great deal of skill and planning, and even now, in their own way they are more believable than are most of the computer tricks that have become so overused.

The popular story has also been used for a number of more recent adaptations, and some of them have had some good points of their own. But this Wizard remains by far the most wonderful of the versions of the classic tale. Was this review helpful? Sign in to vote. Where to begin? MGM's elaborate adaptation of L. A sharp screenplay effectively condenses the novel's text into a workable film, and director Victor Fleming along with countless other behind-the-scenes technicians craft a visually stimulating fantasy world that surpasses the expectations of even the most imaginative viewers.

The cast could not be improved upon. The quivery-voiced, solemn-faced Judy Garland will always be Dorothy, the little lost farm girl on the road to Oz, clutching her beloved Toto impressively portrayed himself by the female canine performer Terry, the terrier.

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