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Maya calendar cycle celebrated throughout Central America (PHOTOS)
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For the Maya, the rising, passing, and descending of the Milky Way in the sky marked major points in the cycle of time. Also, parts of the Milky Way and other stars prominent in our sky have specific meaning to our lives and the history of humanity and the heavenly realms, the realms of the gods.

Simplistically, the heaven passage tells the story of the rise of the Tree of Life at sunset, followed by the rise of egoism and self-seeking as seen in Seven Macaw , which brings the rise of dangerous lower urges that crawl on their belly as the cursed serpent in the Garden of Eden and attack the rising of life.

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But these are driven off by the Paddler gods, and eventually the Tree of Life is reborn and rises again near dawn — the complete story of the rise, fall, and resurrection of life. Despite these associations, Bolon Yokte is a god that is often present during Creation events. He is portrayed on a ceramic called Vessel of the Seven Lords, which contains the date BC, the beginning of our present Baktun cycle. Of course, the date that interests us is the beginning of the next Baktun cycle, which occurs on December 21, , the end of the Mayan Calendar.

A recent translation of a text from Tortuguero, a Classic Maya site north of Palenque, explicitly points to the date December 21, As we can see, the end of the Mayan Calendar is simply the end of the present World Age.

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  • Maya calendar cycle celebrated throughout Central America (PHOTOS).
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And, important to us, it simply marks the beginning of the next cycle of rebirth, renewal. There are no specific markings or statements about the year on the archaeological artifacts at Izapa, but there are numerous images at Izapa that portray a rare celestial alignment that appears in the skies in the years around Scorpio is depicted near the base of the Tree of Life in Mayan illustrations.

This awareness during the era or age in the Age of Atlantis and Lemuria or Mu brought what? Destruction to man, and his beginning of the needs of the journey up through that of selfishness. The reason?

The Second Mayan/Tibetan Cultural Encounter

Of the numerous ways that the ancient Maya measured time, the most complex, far-reaching is the Long Count, developed some years ago. Thirteen of them equals 1,, days, or 5, years. Most but not all Maya scholars acknowledge that the Maya Long Count does indeed have an end-date that correlates to Dec.

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This week, across the "Mundo Maya" — swaths of territory once ruled by the indigenous group in southern Mexico, Guatemala, Belize, and parts of El Salvador and Honduras — modern Maya villages, as well as the archaeological sites are awash in celebration and ceremony. At Caracol, Dr. Jaime Awe, director of archaeology of Belize, organized the event.

Maya elders came from southern Belize to perform a sacred fire ceremony, and the camp cooks prepared traditional Maya feasts for dinner and breakfast. There were about people from all over, only a handful of whom witnessed the Maya sunset ceremony atop Caana and the 4 a. A few revelers were among the crowd, but the distance from civilization kept things rather quiet.

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At Chichen Itza , a major archaeological site near Cancun, Mexico, tens of thousands of people arrived to mark the day. Traffic was backed up for miles and makeshift parking lots appeared along the roads. People were periodically joining hands and encircling El Castillo [the big pyramid], dancing around it in a clockwise fashion and cheering.

2012: When did the day begin?

Smaller Maya communities near lesser known archaeological sites chose not to invite the world to their sacred event. He said the women formed an assembly line to make corn tortillas while the men butchered four pigs for the village.

Nature, culture and science of the Maya People

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Tourists were not invited. Jenkins usually leave out the haab date and he focus on the tzolkin date. This has mainly to do with the fact that he wishes to correlate the beginning of the Long Count with its supposed end which both falls on 4 Ajaw. However, the haab dates are different at the beginning and at the end. According to Mathews, then, the sunrise is associated with haab, not tzolkin. Only together with the haab, as the Calendar Round date, do the day begin at sunrise. But then the whole idea of Long Count cycles is not as neat since the different haab dates disturbs the symmetry the ers desire.

Speakers: Mayan Galactic Alignment Seminar-at-Sea

Of course, the highland focus on sunset may reflect later Teotihuacan influences so it may not have existed when the Long Count was initiated. However we see it, we cannot be sure that there was a homogenous view of defining the beginning and end of the day throughout the Maya area even before the Teotihuacano entrada. Tokovinine, Alexandre Create a free website or blog at WordPress. Archaeological Haecceities Johan Normark's neorealistic blog: Archaeology, the Maya, , climate, travels, and more.

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