Heaven Has No Guns

The American Revolution against British Gun Control
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And satan will be pushing all the buttons…. Call me what you will… You want them to take our guns, which not even in the smallest ways make any since…. But how much would you be calling for it, if the government said okay…. How brave would you be then?

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That was to the writer of this…. Who ever you are…. Because I have no problem dying for my father in heaven….. Writer, you willing to possibly have something bad happen to you, just to take peoples rights from them? A cherry you… You would be pissing your pants. But if your willing to try…. To you also. Then come take them.

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inunbosodi.gq - Buy Heaven Has No Guns book online at best prices in India on inunbosodi.gq Read Heaven Has No Guns book reviews & author details and more at. Answered Oct 13, · Author has k answers and 1m answer views. In Heaven (so I believe there are no direct scriptural references) there will indeed be.

This is not the middle ages, God idea Fairy tale. Secondly, im not against guns, but Americas laws are f ked up, no civilian needs a machine gun, and guns in general are too easy for nutcases to get their hands on. Newsflash: Actually, the 2nd Amendment is incompatible with Christianity for at least two reasons. Based on a literal reading of the text, the 2nd Amendment violates the first two Commandments.

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Now, since we live in a free country, you certainly have the right to defend the 2nd Amendment despite these two issues. But please stop calling yourself a Christian.

Will There Be Guns in Heaven?

I agree with this report and think that the object of the Amnesty is to reduce the number of guns people have. The amnesty is, perhaps, improperly applied here.

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Like what color cup do you want for your milk red or blue it tricks them into drinking the milk without thinking about it. Its because you distracted their disgust in milk by letting them believe they had a choice and so they focus on what color they want they are happy they have a choice without realizing they never had a choice of what they wanted to drink but how they drank it. This is my example of what has happened to are real freedom and rights as people. What rights do we really have?

How is this freedom as humans at all?

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Commercial compensation was paid and all handgun licences were cancelled. There was opposition from gun owners but not the public who were wholly in favour.

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There have been subsequent gun amnesties, where you turn your illegal weapons to the police. There is a level of gun crime, all self respecting drug gangs have a few 9mm guns usually for hire to other drug gangs, but the level is low. A Question for you. If Osema Bin Laden or another person not allowed to fly, got off a plane in the US, went into t gun shop and bought a machine gun, or a pistol, would he be allowed to?

No, If a person is not a US citizen with a clear criminal background check then he cannot buy any type of firearm in the US.

pring.info/components No one in the US can just buy a machine gun. US citizens maintain the right and ability to resist tyranny, unlike foreign subjects. You clearly do not understand US gun laws. NO ONE can just walk in and buy a machine gun or even a pistol. We are strict with cars because car crashes kill twice as many Americans as gun homicides.

Maybe we should ban cars instead. Mass shootings just follow the lead. It was the least debated of the 10 amendments in the Bill of Rights. It would take a Constitutional Amendment to change it, and no matter which of the two ways the Constitution allows an amendment to be presented, and it must then be approved by three quarters of the states. Some people give guns away as Christmas presents in the US. Many employers understand that Deer hunting is pretty much a Human Right, and many of their employees simply will not be at work for part of deer season, though they may find hunting seasons for other species in other states negotiable.

Many will be missing some work. Maybe more than the Monday after a Superbowl Sunday. Yet, there are less assaults and less violent crime where guns are allowed. We do note the rise in knifing assaults in the UK, for example and in the US most of the shootings happen in places where guns are not allowed. Mass shooters prefer unarmed victims.

Are there guns in Heaven?

There simply is no way that 38 states will agree to amend the Constitution to get of guns on a National level. It is 2 on the first 10 Amendments that make up the Bill of Rights and 2 was the least debated of the 10 Amendments in the Bill of Rights when the Constitution was first signed and implemented. If people legally own ugly black rifles and somehow Congress passes a bill that forbids a citizen to own such a gun and the President signs it into law, what would be the effect on the citizens who own those guns now?

Even though Obama and the NWO had been pumping those kids full of chemicals that would make them more subservent to their needs by mind control. You would have rather had a murdering devil worshipper as president just because she was a woman.

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Also, whilst in combat, he has also displayed proficient swordsmanship. September 9, at am. You shall send a thousand from each of the tribes of Israel to the war. Now if the government is endorsed by the organisation supporting guns and previous restrictions have failed, this is likely to as well. Contents 1 Overview 2 Handguns 2.

I guess you wanted to make sure that Obama got a use all them coffins american tax payers went more in debt for? Shame on you!

Guns N' Roses - Don't Cry

Blame yourselves for burying your brains in the backyard and letting it get this bad! The deceived are going to the same place as the deceivers. Ignorance of the law, is NO excuse. Guns save times more lives than they take. The amount of people who die from gun homicide is a statistical zero compared to other forms of death.

We have a second amendment for a reason and if they try to take our guns there will be a second American revolution and this time they will seal up the loopholes that the anti American power grabbers try to use to take away our rights. If the right to keep and bear arms is not to be infringed, why do we have any gun laws, and why the need to abide by them? Leave A Reply Cancel Reply. You must be logged in to post a comment. Get Rid of Guns What have other countries done to tackle mass shootings?

Can they change the second amendment? By Jaya Harrar Last updated Jun 6, You might also like More from author. Legal News. Prev Next. Raymond Swenson says 2 years ago.