21 Business Etiquette Rules You Should Never Break
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Spilling isn't the only way to make a mess with your cold beverage. Nobody should have to wipe up your water rings from their table.

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Sometimes you have to take the call—but is it always that important? Cranky salesperson? Nasty driver? Did he just get bad health news?

This year's flu season is brutal —make sure you're doing what you can to avoid spreading germs. Here are some easy ways to remember names. He or she took the time to send the gift; take the time to show you care. But would you want your Grandma to hear? Or your kid?

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Know how to rock it for the club or dress modestly for a funeral. And please wear your PJs at home, not to the grocery store! Or your kids. Or your pet. Type keyword s to search.

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Say "Excuse Me". Brooke Slezak Getty Images. Use a Coaster. At the cashier.

25 Etiquette Rules That Everyone Should Know

The bank teller. Your co-worker. Hold the Door for the Person Behind You. The barista hates you, and so does everyone behind you. They are hoping the barista spits in your latte. If you come late to an exercise class, don't think you're entitled to barge your way to your favorite spot in the front.

50 Little Social Etiquette Rules Everyone Should Follow

Keep personal conversations and arguments off social networking sites. The dramatic airing of grievances is best done through SMS. Moderate your use of cameras and video at events. Bring wine or dessert or a plant. Don't break up with someone by text. And don't announce a death in the family by text. There are still times when phones or face-to-face are the best way to go.

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I can barely stand what my own dogs do to my house … I also don't like people who bring their animals to Petco. Seriously, do you think your dog likes to shop? It's just you seeking attention. You probably don't even need anything at Petco Dogs don't shop. They would rather be sniffing the pee on that trashcan outside by the front door than walking on slippery retail flooring.

These tips will help you mind your manners.

Clean Up After Yourself. Be a good team player, don't make annoying sounds that might distract others, and offer to assist coworkers if they need help. Here comes the importance of manners and etiquette. New York: William Morrow. Check out more rules of modern elevator etiquette. If you chat long enough, it will come up naturally in conversation.

Double-check that your headphones are plugged-in before streaming your favorite Spotify station. Chew with your mouth closed; don't talk with food in your mouth; keep your elbows off of the table while eating; wash your hands after going to the restroom. My children know better—so why do I see adults exhibiting such poor behavior? If you bump into someone, say excuse me. Don't reach across someone's face. Don't stay behind the crosswalk when you are making a left turn and thus prevent anyone else behind you from turning.