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Am I the one that went to an alternate universe?

When all of the boys finally come together I was thinking this was something like Mazerunner in a way but it went totally beyond that. I don't want to give out any spoilers but they are in some other universe? I'm not sure but it's crazy and I would have freaked clean out and died the first 5 minutes! There is this Codex thing that follows them around and can only give them so much information.

They find all kinds of stuff from different times in history, etc.

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It's a fast-paced little game of what? I'm not telling you and I don't know all of the answers. View all 14 comments. Check out more reviews Perspective of a Writer I wasn't really interested in that series TBH but when I saw a totally Asian cover I knew this was the time to dive right in! The Chosen! My Experience This was a really quick and easy read for me. I enjoyeChosen! The Check out more reviews Perspective of a Writer I enjoyed experiencing this craziness from his POV.

And it was neat that we started right in the action from page 1. Because while we needed to know what happened that lead up to him being transported to another realm fighting a monster I raced through these pages and did appreciate meeting the boys before, but it was his current situation that intrigued me. I will admit that I found their initial choices rather different from what I would have done.

This actually didn't bother me at all I really enjoy it when a story feels like exploration. It's not traveling exactly but we are moving around and learning new things about the situation.

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I admit that the story really got good when Cade met his first dinosaur! I won't say more than that because spoilers but you'll know the moment in The Chosen when it comes. From there it was one fun - air quotes - experience after another Normally when young protagonists are able to put together every thing Cade did it starts to feel like an adult being represented as a child. I was really amazed that this didn't happen with Cade!!

Chosen review – starchy heroics in ponderous second world war film

I felt like Taran Matharu supported where Cade came up with his ideas and thoughts quite well. Even the foreshadowing was spot on and while it gives you really huge clues the story was still fun and unexpected. TBH this felt like The Maze Runner at first with all the boys and the huge mystery of why they were there, but The Chosen really is its own story. The Premise "Throughout history, people have vanished with no explanation.

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TBH I was worried paired with that title and cover. But it turns out that this is a great description of The Chosen! You really don't even need to read the rest of the premise. Of course, there is a "higher power" yanking these kids' chain. There wouldn't be a story otherwise. Cade figures out pretty early that things are too staged. They find bodies It's all pretty mysterious. I don't want to give away too many clues because spoilers.

But it's a neat mix of exploration, battles mental and physical, plus a puzzle piece type challenge.

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The reader, along with Cade, gets to put together all the details he picks up about what is going on. And Cade does a great job making the experience fun and intense for the reader. The end catapults The Chosen from fun and mysterious to epic. I really, really enjoyed the end. The stakes were high.

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Friends were lost. But we got answers. Some may not enjoy those answers. They definitely aren't meant for God believing readers. But I for one am looking forward to where our contenders go from here! The sequel to The Chosen will certainly ratchet up the epicness of this situation. And once you know what's going on the possibilities are endless Why is The Chosen the start of a series you should read!? This was super fun to me I love that The Chosen was written in a way to make any reader super interested in learning more about the past and the interesting facts about bygone people.

Really excellent use of a subject to interest all kinds of readers young and old. There is a mix of personalities and judgements that make for great conflict and friendship. I loved how Cade interacted with the different boys and it wasn't always a win for him. That's so true to life but he persisted! One of my favorite characters besides Cade and another secret character. I won't reveal more but watch out for them They are two of the mega-highlights for me in The Chosen.

Oh and the dinosaurs!! This is a bit of technology and I just loved it! Both are some of the best parts with Cade. You'll have to read The Chosen to learn more Basically Taran Matharu looks exactly as Cade is described! I loved that. I thought it was really neat and I appreciated how he talked about the boy's heritage in the story.

Sometimes characters talk to the reader too directly, I loved the subtleness. It gives you this feel of a ninja like story or at least an Asian one of some type.

Well I guess they don't think it's too deceptive because Cade is from Asian descent his mom's ancestors are from India and he does wear a sort of hood made out of animal skins though obviously not black fur And there is a sword!! Yeah so that was honest. But his hand is an odd color too I don't know as a cover it really is not just poor but bad.

I want to hope that this is just a place holder cover I want to like the title but its so ho-hum. I think it's to make it sound like his previous series The Summoner? But summoners are kickass Like a religious people or a special snowflake!

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Something hocky like The Game or The Codex would be more intriguing at least. Relying on the author is good but only to a point The Chosen while not an expressly Asian story is a great mystery action and adventure with a male POC protagonist that makes it a fun and exciting journey. Cade uses his whits and his knowledge of history to totally WOW us and bring his little group together as contenders. This is a series you won't want to miss, so pick up The Chosen when it comes out!

It has not influenced my opinions. Read my special perspective under the typewriter on my reviews Please like this review if you enjoyed it! May 07, Beth Mendelsohn rated it it was amazing. All opinions are my own. Having read the Summoner series, I was excited to see that Taran Matharu is working on a new series, Contender. This story is told through the eyes of Cade, a very bright teenage boy who was expelled from his boarding school for a crime he did not commit.

He is now serving his sentence in juvenile detention with other teenage boys in for various crimes. Things change when a group of these boys are supposed to be transported to a new facility upstate but their plane never makes it there. Cade finds himself on a cliff battling a monster. He and the other surviving teens realize they are on an alien world and must prepare to do battle.

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Time is ticking down for the chosen contenders. Will they survive?

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This upper middle grade book is a thrill ride from beginning to end! He must convince the others with him that this is a fight they must win and find out who brought them to this planet and why. Definitely looking forward to the next installment! TheChosen NetGalley May 14, Olivia rated it it was amazing Shelves: netgalley-reviews. Cade was accused of stealing laptops found under his bed at his wealthy private school which he attended on scholarship.

He was innocent and his roommate the likely culprit, but his public defender convinced him to take the plea deal.