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Craft Knitting. Published September Yarn weight Sport 12 wpi? Hook size 4. Languages English. Enjoy knitting Roald — he is a fast knit and a wonderful present for your intrepid friends traveling the world, yours Steffi ………………………………………………. About this pattern. About this yarn. Cool Wool Merino Superfein. More from Steffi Hochfellner. Coco the French Magical Christm Rodolfo the Fro And she-birds never repeat what they are told to say.

They fall asleep while you are talking. One could even consider them dumb or untalented. But not Lina. She got the picture right from the very beginning, but for all their fighting, her parents didn't hear her for a long time. After being unmasked and giving proof of her diligence - she claims to speak thirteen language fluently and understand twenty others - the she-bird is allowed to stay in the family.

The text and illustrations of this lovely, caricatural story of a secret matriarchy fit together in ideal harmony. The illustrator fulfills all the subversive visual desires of the beholder. Innenansichten aus dem Jugendknast Youth behind bars. Inside a juvenile detention center Recklinghausen: Bitter, With this program she hoped to give even the functional illiterates there a sphere in which young criminals would be able to name and deal with their own difficulties.

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Some of those interviewed were even prepared to participate in the newly founded reading club in the center. Some, such as the co- author Wagner, a young gypsy, recognized writing as an opportunity to develop a feeling of inner freedom even in a non-free situation.

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In general the work with the inmates took place on a friendly level. The author contributes her own texts in this volume; the inmates began to interest themselves for their own life only after they had begun to write about their feelings and thoughts. Extraordinary both for their often sly, and even sassy content, and equally so for their eccentric illustrations which are scattered throughout the book either on full-sized pages in strong, but not glaring colors, or inserted as vignettes at the beginning of the chapter, or in black-white-and-ochre tones as a preface to some texts.

The overall design paper quality, typeface, binding, and dustjacket is pleasing in its harmony. The 43 stories invite the reader to this or that discovery: beginning with Adam and Eva's paradise, ending with alternative life- styles of outsiders such as the "little giant" or the "slow one," and in between in chapters dedicated to things, animals, names, puzzles and magic.

At least that is how it used to be. The word "education" is not part of the Tuvinian language. Children learn the rules of behavior for specific situations as part of a group; everything else is learned by listening, observing, imitating and helping. The most important beings in the life and surroundings of the young narrator are his "grandmother," an unknown older woman who came once upon a time into the tent village.

Ail, and stayed on because the child "chose" her and they no longer wanted to part, and the dog Arsylang, leader of the pack and their faithful companion, "my brother-instead-of- a-brother" as the author calls him. The climax and end of this narrator's childhood is a long hard winter which the little family barely manages to survive along with a very few of their herd.

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For the dog Arsylang the new period, with its technical possibilities, brings a fateful danger when he eats the poison that the father sets out for the maraurading predators. The enormous force of the text lies in its long "inner wind," which challenges the imagination and con- veys the rhythm of tension and restfulness in the life of the Ail. The author of this autobiographical memoir, Galsan Tschinag, was born into a Tuvinian family of nomadic animal-herders in the Mongolian People's Repubulic in He studied German in East Germany between and , and wrote this novel in German.

In he was awarded the Adalbert von Chamisso Prize in Munich. Betrayed by his physical appearance, he is beaten up, teased, and finally taken away and sterilized by doctors. His parents are able to save him just before deportation and hide him for many long months in a lonely garden house.

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Only at the end of the war does he learn that he was a child of gypsies and had been taken in by a foster family. Muscha's story is told from the perspective of another school boy and the reader, as Muscha himself, is kept in the dark about the real grounds for his suffering until the end of the novel. Only in an epilogue does it become clear that the story of Muscha is absolutely authentic. They are hindered only by the chains which bind them to Happy Juran's caravan wagon.

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It was just one of those stories you read as a kid in Germany, same as Struwwelpeter. We primarily chose it based on price and the good reviews. I wish I could upload the sound clip I've recorded because I'm a heavy sleeper and This has woke me With considerable sensitivity to the explosiveness of such a difficult situation, the author finds the precise narrative balance. The breakfast was excellent. Barrels of poison in vast numbers are being dumped on the hill. However, the hotel was quick to apologise and fixed it as soon as they can!

Though Zadek feels chained up, Mischa has forgotten what freedom is. Only as a bear cub could he run over meadows and rob beehives of honey, before Juran made him into a dancing bear. The two runaways make their dreams come true; now and then one sees them roaming happily through the woods. The text is pleasing on the one hand for its unsenti- mental portrayal of the sad lot of captive animals and still it offers the most splendid situational comedies which arise from man and animal trying to live together but having only a limited amount of mutual tolerance.

Full-sized black-and-white pictures by Reinhard Michi contribute to this reading pleasure. Switzerland German - - 90 Ebet-Schifferer, Sybille ed.

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Thorbecke, Jan Peter et al. Five silent witnesses study a clay pig: years of encouters in the museum Bern: Benteli, ISBN Art museum This exceptional information book doesn't intend to be a museum guide but rather a stimulus for the reader to discover art. To this end the book is designed using a series of graphic techniques such as pieces of art in various sizes or excerpts and in unexpec- ted places on the page. In the descriptive texts, in the comparisons between different epochs using individual works as examples, as well as in the fold-out chronological tables an instructive survey is created with- out any recognizable pedagogical impetus.

At the same time various possibilities and techniques of artistic book design are shown in the layout of the catalog itself. In all these aspects the curiosity and pleasure in discovery in both children and adults are offered.

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AFFE CHATS Adult Humor (German Edition) - Kindle edition by Benji Nash. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or tablets. AFFE CHATS Adult Humor (German Edition) eBook: Benji Nash: Kindle Store.

The guide is an exemplary escort. It includes illustrations of pieces held in the Hessian State Museum in Darmstadt. In the tale of Caliph of Bagdad and his Great Vizir present themselves her in a new form. The illustrator gives them the unmistakable features of storks and men; he does the same for the magicians who give the impetus for the whole plot and are punished for their evilness in the end.

Full-page illustrations reflect the splendor of the Orient and the expanse of its landscape. The generous type-setting is pleasing to the eye, delicate initial vignettes grace the beginning of each chapter. The large-sized book represents, without being designed at an unusual expense. Not only in content but also in its imagery, an imaginable Oriental world which is by tradition dedicated to leisure and pleasure. The splendor of the pictures upholds the childlike joy of reading and telling stories. The traditional figura- tiveness of the Orient appears at times cari- catural, surpassing the textual content of the story.

In this way the frames obtain their own authenticity, which at once interprets and depicts the Hauff tale. Hanna Johansen has made use of this fact to create a poetic case for the individualists of this world, wherever they may be hiding. Mother Mole loves her little children, her "closest to her heart little silk worms" as much as any other concerned mother. The little moles get along together, fight and battle with one another, become independent. They dig their own tunnels. The little girl mole, much to her own surprise, even tolerates a guest in her wing of the tunnel once.

And soon she builds a nest of her own and has her own little "closes to her heart silk worms" to take care of, at least for a while.

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But the story in this book is not quite so thin. There are the most marvelous odors in the mole tunnels, they are crawling with little bugs and insects, "friends" of the moles. That is how the life of a mole is - friends are those you can eat, enemies are those who can eat you. The art of storytelling needs few words, just the right ones. Hanna Johansen uses this art to create new worlds which provide adults and children unexpected, funny and ironical insights into their own world. Mia, was ist ein Trip?