A Fort of Nine Towers

A Fort of Nine Towers by Qais Akbar Omar
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A Fort of Nine Towers is the story of Qais, his family and their determination to survive these upheavals as they were buffeted from one part of Afghanistan to the next.

Drawing strength from each other, and their culture and faith, they sought refuge for a time in the Buddha caves of Bamyan, and later with a caravan of Kuchi nomads. When they eventually returned to Kabul, it became clear that their trials were just beginning.

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Start by marking “A Fort of Nine Towers: An Afghan Family Story” as Want to Read: Qais Akbar Omar was born in Kabul in a time of relative peace. See 1 question about A Fort of Nine Towers. A Fort of Nine Towers is an autobiography by Qais Akbar Omar. It is based on the sufferings of the people of Afghanistan during the present war in Afghanistan.

See more book details 13 March To read this book is to understand Afghanistan as it exists today. A remarkable feat of memory and imagination. A Fort of Nine Towers gives voice to the unbreakable spirit of the Afghan people.

Author of “A Fort of Nine Towers” visits BU CELOP

Willow Wilson, author of Alif the Unseen. A gorgeously rich tapestry of an amazing life and culture.

This brave memoir, rich in tough humor and insight, recounts an insider's view into both the suffering and the integrity of an uncompromisingly proud and courageous people. Above all, it is a powerful reminder of the extraordinary tenacity of a culture that foreigners have repeatedly and fatally misjudged. It is a tale that deserves to rank with The Kite Runner.

Neumann, former U. In this memoir, an Afghan family's attempts to escape the horrors of war show them new ways of seeing their world. He sees people upset over losing their smartphone or computer files, and he tells them, "This is not the end of the world.

The end of the world is when you're at a ditch filled with dead bodies and you're thinking, "I'm the next one. He's just published his memoir, "A Fort of Nine Towers," the story of growing up in Kabul during the brutal years of the mujahideen and the - The Boston Globe. A boy and his father survive being bitten nearly to death, not by a rabid dog but by a torturer.

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A carpet seller tells the story of his family's odyssey through Afghanistan. John Kael Weston hails this essential Afghan memoir.

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There is a striking image in Nadeem Aslam's recent novel about the Allied invasion in Afghanistan that neatly captures the country's fate. The war-torn terrain in The Blind Man's Garden is studded by boot-prints left by the latest invading force.

These offending imprints make vivid the fact that Afghanistan has been invaded and stamped upon for over three decades. He helped rebuild the family carpet business, became an interpreter for Afghan childhood recalled in 'A Fort of Nine Towers'. Farrar, Straus and Giroux, pp. Worldview: In Afghan memoir, exorcising the demons - Philly.